Student welfare over political difference -SC councilor says

“We do not speak of shedding our colors off, but putting paramount concern on the student body and not just on our political parties,” said CSSP student council Secretary General-elect Ian Richard Cortez.

Cortez said that since it was the student body and not the political parties that elected them in office, the student council-elect should not allow their differences to hinder them in serving the college.

Even if Saligan sa CSSP candidates comprise a minority in the council, Cortez cleared that all proposals, including the programs laid out in Buklod CSSP’s General Plan of Action will undergo scrutiny of all council members.

17 out of the 20 student council-elect members came from Buklod CSSP, including chairperson James Bagcal with 732 votes who won over Saligan sa CSSP’s Krisyl Cancino with 301 votes.

Slimmer margins marked the victories for vice chairperson-elect Sarah de Vega, who won with 551 votes against Carlo Manalansan of Saligan sa CSSP with 441 votes, and CSSP Representative-elect Tin Borja, who won with 574 votes against Rainier Sindayen of Saligan sa CSSP with 480 votes.

Seven out of the eight councilors were from Buklod CSSP, including highest vote-getter Cortez with 649 votes. Councilor-elect Peter Sengson with 470 votes was one of the three Saligan sa CSSP candidates who snagged seats in the council, along with Sociology department representative-elect Hannah Garcia with 67 votes and Linguistics department representative-elect Casey Giron with 77 votes.

With 1344 out of 2240 students participating in the 2009 CSSP elections, a voter turnout of 60 per cent was recorded.

Cortez said that this improvement from last year’s 47.04 percent turnout shows how CSSP students have become more involved in increasing the student council’s mandate. ▪

Article by Alexandra Gabrielle Francisco