Gabriela, SHOUT NOW! Honor Women’s Month

Shout now!

The Sexual Harassment Out Now Alliance (SHOUT NOW!) jumpstarted the celebration of Women's Month and the silver anniversary of GABRIELA UP Diliman with a weeklong list of events.

The said alliance conducted SHOUT NOW! Pinay's Breaking Silence, a forum on the implications of the current political economy of our country to the issues faced by Filipino women such as sexual harassment, prostitution and child trafficking.

It produced Rampa ng Kababaihan Laban sa Karahasan, a teaser fashion show depicting the various faces of women in our country, on March 5 at the Palma Hall lobby. The said show boasted two entries that aimed to rally the women to expose and resist violence against them.

Nine out of 16 member organizations of the Alliance, namely GABRIELA UPD, Sigma Alpha Nu, ProGAY-LesboND, STAND UP, Anakbayan, Center for Nationalist Studies, Diliman Gender Office, Office of the Anti-sexual Harassment and Center for Women Studies, tramped around the Academic Oval on March 6 in their All Women's March, followed by a Cultural Night gathering.

A road painting activity was pushed on March 7 that aimed to promote the advocacies of the Alliance.

The International Women's Day gathering last March 8 at the Welcome Rotonda highlighted the week-long celebration, focusing on the junking of the Visiting Forces Agreement.

SHOUT NOW! Alliance has partnerships with the Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment, Diliman Gender Office and the Center for Women Studies. It is a student-led information campaign against the reality of violence against women, particularly rape and sexual harassment.

SHOUT NOW! Sexual Harassment Out Now Alliance was revived by GABRIELA prior to the International Women's Day on March 8 this year.

▪ Article by Richelle Joy Belgira