Dissecting the Naked

In the absence of clothing, there exists the naked. In the human scheme of things, a symbol holds truth even in its hypothetical state of existence.

The naked man is mortal, susceptible to error and emotional flaws. His being naked does not change this aspect of the naked man. Here, various questions are posed. Despite his nakedness, will there be days when he would wish to have a jacket? Would there be days when he would wish to be under a rock or inside a cave? This depends on what kind of man the naked man is.

What moves him? What motivates his nakedness?

If he is naked, and is willing to be exposed unconditionally to all, does this make him less of a conscious man? Does this make him submissive and even an unnecessary martyr? If he is naked just so he can be thoroughly scrutinized, does this alone make him vain? Does this take away power from the naked man if by speaking he gives away his hypocrisies? If he is a man, in that he would have moments that he wishes to be left alone, would this make him less naked, less pleasing and appealing?

Thus it seems, there can be loneliness that comes with being a naked man. His being naked would garner adoration of people beyond his control. And yet, how much could another truly love this man, and be with this man? After seeing all his flaws, and having prior knowledge of how ever inch of his nakedness looks like, wouldn’t that leave a lover so disarmed? Will anyone make love to a man who spends his day naked and vulnerable for the audience to measure? Wouldn’t someone want the naked man for themselves, and only for themselves to control, to know, to love? Could knowing that someone out there could know a part of the naked man more disarm a lover?

Then there is the romance of the naked man. As his audience keeps watch, some romanticize his traits, interpreting what he is. They rearrange and refigure their notions and they measure him by whatever system of reference they have, possibly with their own proportions. But this is the irony of the naked man. Despite everyone seeing every inch of him, could there be really someone to see him for what he is in his actuality? Will there ever be a balance in this translation of this man?

The naked man is measured and the naked man is judged. There might be romantic notions of him, but he has become human before the very eyes of the public. As his soul lays there exposed, everyone can see that he is mortal. He is of flesh that can be cut and a heart that can be made to stop. For all the thousands of romantic thoughts of this naked man, he is seen and humbled to be real. In his being accessible, in his being vulnerable, he is made mortal.