Saligan Vice-Chair bet disqualified

A grade of Incomplete (INC) cost Saligan sa CSSP vice-chair candidate Mico Quijano his candidacy for the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Student Council (CSSPSC) elections.

With Quijano disqualified, Mabel Ogoshi of Buklod CSSP is running unopposed.

In a reply to an addendum filed by Saligan sa CSSP, College Secretary Josefina Cantiller said on Feb. 8 that Quijano passed only 12 units, falling short of the 13.5 units required for “good academic standing.”

According to the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman General Catalogue 2004-2010 and the Faculty Manual, “A student is in good scholastic standing if at the end of the semester she/he obtains a final grade of “3’ or higher in at least 75 percent of the total number of academic units in which s/he is registered.”

In the addendum, submitted Feb. 5, Saligan sa CSSP argued that a grade of INC means the student's class standing is passing albeit he or she has not yet submitted certain requirements.

Saligan cited Art. 388 of the UP System Code which states that INCs are not considered in computing for scholastic delinquency. According to Art 3 of the 2009 Revised UP Diliman Student Electoral Code, academic standing should be based on the UP System Code.

Quijano was enrolled in a total of 18 units. He failed one subject and got an INC in his Econ 100.2.

Cantiller said an INC grade was not a failing grade but it was not a final grade. It cannot be included in the 75 percent required for good academic standing.

The Economics units were included because the rule said the total number of units registered should be the denominator for computing academic standing, said Cantiller.

Cantiller said the Art. 388 of the UP System Code was for delinquency and not for good scholastic standing.

In the Feb. 5 addendum, Saligan sa CSSP cited provisions in the UP System Code and Faculty Manual stating, “For purposes of scholastic standing, a grade of INC is not included in the computation.”

Saligan called for due process, adding that Quijano has a right to a hearing where all parties are present, including Quijano, to
defend their cases.

“This absence (of supporting evidence) has effectively denied Mr. Quijano of an opportunity to defend himself intelligently, which is a right to due process,” said Saligan sa CSSP in the addendum.

Saligan sa CSSP ex-officio member and incumbent CSSPSC councilor Peter Sengson said Saligan sa CSSP has no plans to pursue the case anymore, adding Quijano could serve the students through means other than the council.

Another Saligan candidate, Denz Handumon was not included in the preliminary list of candidates for councilor because of an INC.

Handumon's professor was not able to upload her updated grade in time, but Candungan is now in the official list of candidates, said Sengson.

Sengson said the party chose Quijano because he broke the activist stereotype, which creates the impression that activists think only they know about social issues.

Quijano did not fit the stereotype, but he embodied the principles which he would need as de facto head of the Students' Rights
and Welfare (STRAW) Committee, said Sengson.

“Yung pagkawak ng STRAW, hindi lang siya natatapos sa paghawak ng KAPPalakasan, pagcoordinate with Sulo. Nauuphold ang welfare, pero asan ang rights?” said Sengson. “For the last few years, ang humawak ng STRAW ay hindi present lagi sa mga issue ng students.”

Meanwhile, CSSPSC Vice-Chair Sasa de Vega said the STRAW committee was visible in the student code issue through student consultations, environment issues through the Jeep ng KAPP year-round program to encourage students to recycle and the issue of the Codified Rules of Student Regent Selection (CRSRS) through information dissemination and surveys (See Related stories on page 2 and 6).

Quijano is not available for comment as of press time. ▪

Article by: Alexandra Francisco