She's a…

If she's bored and wants to go somewhere, go with her. Accompany her. Tell her everything. Spend as much time with her. If you want to give her a gift, do it sweetly. Give her a gift that she likes and that you've put so much effort on. Have confidence. She wouldn't like it if you go to her, shaking. Make sure that your sentences are complete. Don't break down into broken words. She's very understanding, but she wouldn't be able to understand you if you're like that. Just make sure that your words do make sense. And after you've given it to her, when the feeling is right, hug her. If you do it right, she might blush.

And if she calls you after a long break, and you tease her about missing you, and she agrees even if you had constrained her to answer that, and you have fully decided your feelings for her, tell her that you love her. Don't be stupid, you should tell her.

If you have her, don't let her go. You wouldn't want her out of your life. There shouldn’t be even a teardrop that would creep down her cheeks. Of course she still likes a lot of stuff not mentioned. And her character is not restricted to the ones stated. You still have your whole life to find out. She's a good person, a very good friend and the most beautiful girl in the world. Take care of her. Protect her. Make her happy. Do that and you'll also be happy. Promise that.