Triumphs, Tribulations , and a trial A Review of the CSSP Student Council of 2009-2010

Mary Roseann Ramirez

Another year has come and gone, and so has another term for our student and university councils. Before we launch into the February Diliman Election frenzy, let’s take a look back at this year’s council: what has been achieved, what challenges they faced, and what CSSP students have to say about it.

Challenges and Triumphs

The affair early this month involving the impeachment complaint against twelve council members certainly was one of the main challenges for this term of councilors and representatives. Some of the activities in the calendar have been adjusted because of it, but will nevertheless push through, or so the council members reassure.

Councilor Ranulfo Javelosa III cites the lack of resources as another problem this year. “As with any non-profit, service-oriented formation, limited resources have in many ways impinged on our strategies,” he says. But resources of the “human” kind were not a problem for Geography Department Representative Robert Badrina. “Very supportive ang mga Geography students and professors, and especially ‘yung two organizations.” Other hindrances include the mandatory suspension of Chairperson Bagcal in October of last year after a petition motioning for his impeachment, and the suspension of Councilor Pete Sengson due to a complaint of negligence filed against him by the Education Committee.

“Nevertheless these challenges were addressed adequately, and we still have the rest of our term to show the students just that,” Councilor Javelosa further states. “After everything has been said and done, I must say that everything we've encountered taught us a lot of lessons that made the council emerge stronger.”


April 15, 2009: Open to the New SR Released

April 29, 2009: KAPPULUNGAN All Org Heads Meeting

April 29, 2009: Gulong ng Acad: The Academic Circle Launch

Released April 29, 2009 : Decoding the Student Code: Primer

June 2-5, 2009 : AsseSTFAP, AssiSTFAP

Launched June 25, 2009: ConASSwang TindigNation Launch

Released June 2009: Kick Con-Ass Statement Released

July 27-30,2009: Arangkada para sa Kalikasan: CSSP Organization Fair July 28, 2009: Huling SONA ni Gloria: Huli na nga ba? Isang Pagtatasa sa SONA

Launched July 31, 2009: Joint Efforts for Environmental Protection (JEEP NG KAPP)

September 2009: University-Level Consultation on the Draft Student Code

September 7-18, 2009: Codified Rules for Student Regent Selection (CRSRS) Exhibit/Info

September SpeaKAPP and Drive: On the 2010 Elections (Ready, Set, Vote! Boboto ako sa 2010!)

November 18, 2009: KAPPulungan All Org-Heads Meeting

November 20, 2009: USC Meets CSSP

November 28, 30, 2009; December 7, 9, 15, 2009: KAPPALAKASAN 2009

December 14, 2009: KAPPASKUHAN 2009

January 25, 2010: Lead or No Lead: Leadership Training Seminar

Students’ Assessments

“CSSPSC 0910 has fulfilled most of the content of their GPOA and SPOA, and is still fulfilling it. Meaning, they are delivering. The council has faced a great deal of both internal and external trials and issues these ast few months (i.e. petition against 12 of the council members). I personally think that they handled and managed it well and besides they were proven innocent. […] I would not say that they did a phenomenal job but putting everything into consideration I can say that they did way more than okay. The CSSPSC 09-10, all in all, delivered a good performance. Nothing can be perfect after all.” – David Bryan Ong, Sophomore, BA Political Science

“They have been pretty visible in the registration process and they're able to sometimes give you a hand. I guess they're faring pretty well.” – Gegi Tiong Jr., Junior, BA Political Science

“I'm not very active in CSSP and that's probably why I don’t know our student council, but by far, the college has a lot of activities that are of note which made the year sort of eventful for students.” – Mara Rosales, Sophomore, BA Psychology

“Their good programs are attended only by people from within the council. There must be some- thing wrong with their ability to mobilize the people.” – CSSP student 2

“The CSSP SC doesn't appear to be doing anything. So, as for what I think about its performance, I'd have to say there isn't any at all.” – CSSP student 3

“Hearing the recent accusation on the current Chairperson of the CSSP SC (09-10), I think CSSP SC were not able to meet the full trust of its student body. Leading a mass of students isn't as easy as leading a group of kindergartens, true leadership is put to test in times of making hard decisions.” – CSSP student 4

“I thought this year wasn’t that smooth considering the issues they had come across. A little more ‘transparency’ would be nice. However, I still think they did fairly well overall.” – Yves Tristan Meneses, Sophomore, BA Sociology

“The CSSP Student Council, like any other scs, has its own pros and cons. Pro for services and programs that were well-delivered, con for student rights-based issues (i.e. facilities, tambayans) and the OSR amendment controversy. Compared to last year’s SC, CSSP SC 09-10 is more efficient and visible...” – Reine Bermudez, Junior, BA Political Science

“Based on observation, responsible ang CSSPSC dahil nagcontribute sila sa university by preparing many activities pero medyo kulang sa promotion?” – Kenneth Charles Lim, Freshman, BA Linguistics

“Accommodating naman sila. Hindi ramdam lahat, pero yung mga masipag, masipag talaga.” – Vanessa Salvador, Sulo 09-10 Editor-in-Chief


The CSSP SC 09-10, like any other student council, had ups and downs that made the year an interesting one for the books. Their achievements will be benchmarks for future councils, and their mistakes, one hopes, will serve as guides as well. With the February elections, another set of young public servants will continue where the old council left off, and the CSSP student body will definitely be watching. ▪

1: Official list from the CSSP Student Council as forwarded by Secretary General Cortez; Department-level activities excluded

2, 3, 4: Names withheld upon request of respondents