Cory’s Journey in Retrospect

Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, the country's first woman president, died on August 1 due to a year-long colon cancer. Even after her presidency, she remained in the public limelight as a voice well-sought on the most pressing concerns each succeeding administration faced.

Here is a short chronicle of former President Aquino's participation in the public:

August 21, 1983: Senator Benigno Aquino Jr., the most well-known critic of then President Ferdinand Marcos, was assassinated at the Manila International Airport. His wife, Corazon, soon gained public attention.

February 25, 1986- June 30, 1992: Corazon Aquino assumed presidency after the success of the People Power Revolution after the alleged cheating in the snap election results.

December 23, 2008: Aquino apologizes to ousted president Joseph Estrada for being part of the civil society movement (EDSA II) which lead to his ouster January 2001.

August 1, 2009: Former President Aquino died at 3:18 AM due to colon cancer. She was 76 years old. On the afternoon of the same day, her body was transferred to De La Salle Gymnasium in Greenhills, San Juan for public viewing.

August 3, 2009: The body of Former President Aquino was transferred to Manila Cathedral for another public viewing.

August 4, 2009: Bongbong and Imee Marcos, children of political nemesis Ferdinand Marcos, visited the wake to sympathize.

August 5, 2009: Former President Aquino was laid to rest beside her husband’s tomb at the Manila Memorial Park in Paranaque. The funeral procession took eight hours and was flocked by thousands.

Article by: John Aldrich Telebrico