CSSP org bags highest ACLE turnout UP-wide, thanks to Kuya Kim

They owe it to Kuya Kim.

Sasa de Vega, CSSP Student Council vice chairperson and Geographic Society of UP (GSUP) member said GSUP topped all UP organizations in having the most number of participants in the Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) on August 20, 2009 because television personality and environmental advocate Kim "Kuya Kim" Atienza was one of their guest speakers.

According to a list from ACLE coordinator and University Student Council (USC) councilor Lee Tan 350 students participated in GSUP’s “ILOG PASIGlahin: A geographic perspective and assessment on the ongoing rejuvenation of the Pasig River,” held at the Engineering Theater, Melchor Hall.

In “ILOG PASIGlahin,” Atienza talked about his experiences in the making of the Pasig River special of his environmental television program "Matanglawin," which was shown before his talk. Prof. Juanico Meliton of the Geography Department also talked about the Pasig River's rehabilitation.

Professors who required students to attend “ILOG PASIGlahin” and professors who offered incentives to participants also factored in the success of the this year's GSUP ACLE.

De Vega said these professors may have thought the topic was relevant to their class discussions.
GSUP alumna Gab Mangahas said many students came because the issue was timely.

CSSPSC chairperson Jay Bagcal said the ACLE still achieved its objective of providing a venue for learning other than the classroom even if the number of organizations that participated shrunk by at least five percent.

Fewer walk-in participants came to the ACLE because many students wanted to come home early for the long weekend, Bagcal said, referring to the holiday for Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr.'s death anniversary.

Bagcal said for next semester, organizations should delve more on the practical side of their disciplines since the challenge for CSSP students is to bring the theories they have learned to practice.

"Kaya nga alternative (That's why it is alternative)," said Bagcal. ▪

Top CSSP Organizations according to ACLE turnout

1. Geographic Society of UP (GSUP) - 350
2. UP Psychological Understanding for Growth and Distinction Society (UP Pugad Sayk) – 109
3. UP Psychological Association (UP PsycA) – 96
4. UP Political Society (UP PolSoc) – 66
5. UP Kalipunan para sa Agham Panlipunan at Pilosopiyang Pilipino (UP KAPP) – 49
Top CSSP Organizations according to ACLE turnout
6. Junior Philippine Geographic Society (JPGS) – 36
7. UP Anthropology Society (UP AnthroSoc) - 34, UP Association of Political Science Majors (UP APSM) – 34
8. UP Psychology Society (UP Psych Soc) - 32
9. UP Kabataang Pilosopo Tasyo (UP Kapitas) – 31, UP Praxis – 31
10. UP People-Oriented Leadership in the Interest of Community Awarness (UP POLITICA) – 26 ▪

Article by: Alexandra Francisco