Ling plans to split from Sulô

Students from the Linguistics department, Sulô editorial board and the CSSP Student Council (CSSPSC) held a closed-door meeting August 25, 2009 regarding the department's plans to publish their own yearbook.

Rosetta is the tentative title of the said Linguistics yearbook, but no public confirmation has been made regarding anything about the plans of the people involved in its formation as of press time.

“Basically, Rosetta, Sulô and Council will go through a series of consultations,” says Louie Camino, CSSPSC councilor and Students’ Rights and Welfare (STRAW) Committee member .

Camino added, “We are going to speak with the department then all the [Linguistics] majors to present to them all the possible options. And then we’ll go from there.”

Rosetta can produce an unofficial department yearbook, but will have to pass through specific College offices to be officially recognized.

“First we must consult with all the Ling majors, because even future batches of Seniors will be affected,” says Camino. “I’m not very sure but obviously, [Rosetta] should also speak with the Council, the [Office of Student Affairs] (OSA), and the Dean for approval.”

The CSSPSC has no official stand on the separation as they have not held a meeting about it yet, but Camino claims that they are “united” in their desire that the Linguistics department will not disjoin Sulô.

“Hopefully, Rosetta will not separate, but if this is what a great majority of [Linguistics] majors want, we cannot stop them,” Camino says.

The Rosetta editorial board refuses to comment on the matter yet. Linguistics Department Representative Casey Giron has no comment.

Article by: Marie Julienne Ente

Disclaimer: The author, Marie Julienne Ente, is part of the Sulô editorial board (Sociology Batch Representative), but was not present at the closed-door meeting August 25.