Psych security equipment goes missing

About P19,000 worth of equipment in the Human Development Laboratory (HDL) at the first floor of the Palma Hall Annex (PHAN) was reported missing on August 18, police said.

Nelson Gamo, the Psychology Department administrative officer, reported he discovered on August 17 that the digital video recorder (DVR) for the closed-circuit camera (CCTV) used for observing subjects in the HDL’s seminar room was missing.

Gamo reported that two graduate students from Psychology professor Dr. Elizabeth Ventura's class confirmed they used the HDL from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. on August 13, but they did not notice if the DVR was missing then.

The guard-on-duty on August 13, Collin Atendido, saw Marites Carmelotes, a janitress, enter the HDL after the class, but Carmelotes said the DVR was still in the room, said Gamo in the report.

According to the report, Carmelotes cleaned the room again August 14 but said she did not notice if the DVR was there.

Atendido said he opened the lab for the students because they had permission from Dr. Ventura to use the room, even if she was on-leave that day.

He said he still saw the DVR before the students used the room and the night guard told him the DVR was still in the room before he locked it.

Gamo said guards should double-check the equipment in their assigned areas before the next guard takes his or her shift.

Atendido said he would have checked the room earlier had he known the DVR would go missing.

The DVR could not be locked inside the compartment because the wires connecting the recorder to other equipment passed through the front opening, said Atendido.

A source who requested confidentiality said either a student took the DVR or the incident was an “inside job” because there were no signs of forced entry in the room.

Gregorio Aquino, the police investigator on the case, said it is too early to conclude anything in the ongoing investigation, but he would consider the possibilities.

Article by: Alexandra Francisco