Estudyantes make wafaz of Labamba’s economic plans

The whole wide world now makes sandal on the abs of Choco Papa Barag Labamba to not only spread change sa mga cano at cana after his hysterical victory in the last presidential eviction in the United Sheets of Americaneesh, but to solve din the lumalalang money-money crisis ng global economy. But what will his economic plans mean to Philipanis? Sinagsters find out the opinyones of some estudyantes.

“If the [plans] makes America prosper, it would eventually lure Filipinos away in search of better jobs there. It would just increase the phenomenon of ‘brain drain’ and more people would consider becoming OFWs,” Estudyante X who made tambay near AS 101 said.

“Possible repercussions of this on the Philippines could be that there would be unequal relations in terms of policies, trade, assistance, and support to selfishly accommo-date their needs for a stable economy,” Estudyante Y.

“The population of the Philippines will decrease because more families will migrate to the United States of America for better pay, greener [pastures] and a better life,” said estudyante Z.

“Mawawalan kasi tayo ng customers, este, investors kasi there’s more incentive for American businessmen to invest in their own country, I guess that means less job slots (and less call centers)…” an estudyante said from the Coolehiyo of Mass Excommunication said.

“Humanda na ang mga Pinoy na nagtatrabaho sa States baka pauwiin sila dito dahil priority ng mga job programs ni Labamba at Biten ang mga Amerikano,” said an estudyante from the Coolehiyo of Soxal Sayadness and Philingness.▪

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