Election in PH 115 Encounters Technical Problems

Voting at PH 115 was not able to start on time at 8AM due to the late arrival of the complete lists of students. Several technical difficulties hindered the efficient procession of the voting. This however, did not deter the students from staying in line and casting their vote.

A critical undergraduate voter from BA Sociology said that he preferred to vote for the parties who were active during the the prevalent college issues, stuck to their platforms showed evident unity and had transparency, responsibility, accountability, and accesibility. He said that he evaluated parties based on their adherence to their declared principles and number of actualized projects.

A third year student from BA Linguistics said that she voted based on the efficacy of the different parties’ campaigns. She said that the elections this year were more difficult because of the increased number of candidates running for positions.

A freshman from the same course, however, encountered different delays as the computers encountered again some technical difficulties at around 11:30 AM. As for the decision-making process, the freshman had a more difficult time as she knew little about the candidates and had to ask recommendations from her classmates and friends.

By noon, the line lengthened from 5-7 people early in the morning to the stretch between PH 115 and the female comfort room.

CSEB Chairperson Ms. Josefina Cantiller confirmed that around 9:00 AM the computers had some momentary interruptions. At around noon, she added that the computers experienced a power surge which forced the election staff to generate new passwords. She assured, however, that the votes that were casted before the interruptions were kept safe and unchanged. In terms of student cooperation, she said that there were no particular difficulties and that most of the election hindrances arose from technical and electronic problems.