Going Indie in CSSP: Maria Mahonri-Yggrazil “Mahon” Arduo Andaca

Maria Mahonri-Yggrazil “Mahon” Arduo Andaca, Councilor
3rd Year, BA Political Science
Vice President for Internals, AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines
Core Group Head, AFS united Nations
Young Women 2nd Councilor (07-08)
Member, UP Debate Society
Member, Latter Day Saints Single Adults
Member, Magkaisa CSSP

Awards and Achievements:
AFS Asean Scholar Ambassador to Japan (06-07)
Quarterfinalist, Philippine Intercollegiate Debate Championship (08)
Quarterfinalist, Intramuros Intervarsities (08)
Asia’s 15th Best Adjudicator (09)
Octofinalist, National Debate Championship IX
Top 1 Adjudicator, Luzon Intervarsities (09)

Her Platforms:
Their differences from the others:
“Our platforms aim to unite everyone from students to teachers to organizations and alumni. It also pays attention to those who are transferees, shiftees, freshmen, and without organization. While it is ready and responsive to what the student needs, it is also relevant to what is happening to society.”

Assurance of their implementation:
“At this point I can only assure everyone that I can really work hard to have these implemented. But of course that cannot happen without the cooperation of everyone in the council. So it is definitely a challenge to the other candidates to prove how dynamic they are and that they can also work with anybody from any political party. At the same breathe it is also a challenge to the students to choose who they believe will be the most efficient leaders that will deliver what is significant to the college.”

Her being independent: reasons and challenges.
“It is the only way for me to be able to run. Running as independent is really exciting because no one can really tell whether or not we will win. We can only work so hard to introduce the forward movement that we want CSSP to have. (Running independent) is challenging because our friends have to work really hard as well but I think it is also good because we learn how strong we can be together especially in challenging status quo.”

Mechanisms to penetrate the ‘main arena’:
“(We will) introduce ourselves to the students. I, together with the other independent candidates, are competitive enough with skills and knowledge in terms of issues and services relevant to the students to challenge “the ‘main arena’ of politics”.”

The Formation of Magkaisa! CSSP :reasons and visions.
“We want to see and feel the real change in CSSP. It would definitely be good to breathe fresh air after staying in one room for some time and we feel that this would be what the CSSP students would want as well. We believe that our CSSP Student Council could really do better with a brighter color. We want each student to participate in the real forward movement through successful and relevant non-partisan activities. We want to encourage the students to step up to being the scholars of the nation and prove our relevance to the society. We are critical of the issues that surround CSSP yet we arrive at viable solutions. We call everybody to join us in dancing to the tune of “We’re all in this together...”.”

Being with Kaisa:
“It is because we espouse the same principles of Kaisa. In Kaisa, everyone is critical of the issues and knows how to put away partisanship without leaving its principles.”