Going Indie in CSSP: Jose Aniceto David “Jadd” Solomon Dealino

Jose Aniceto David “Jadd” Solomon Dealino
3rd Year, BA Political Science

Speaker, UP People-Oriented Leadership in The Interest of Community Awareness (UP POLITICA)
Finance Committee Head, UP POLITICA (08-09)
Features Editor, Phoenix Editorial Board (08-09)
Secretary, Training Committee, UP POLITICA (08)
Secretary, Finance Committee, UP POLITICA (07-08)

His Platforms:
“Our overall platform would be to unify the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy by providing relevant services to the students with the hopes of them being more than ready to take on the world, not just in terms of their careers but by being responsive to the call of the times, whatever these may be.”
Their differences from the others:
“In addition to tried-and-tested programs, we want to try out new things. We want to reach out not only to the students with organizations, but those who are unaffiliated within the college. We also want to include not only the freshmen, but the shiftees and transferees as well. If something isn’t broken, you don’t have to fix it, but it would be good if you improved it instead.”

Assurance of their implementation:
“I can ensure that these programs will happen only if the independent candidates will be elected. Political pipe-dream aside, if one can ensure that the council will be rational and non-partisan when it comes to programs, then students are assured of quality programs. If other council members have ways of improving the programs that we offer, as long as it will be for the betterment of our constituents, then so be it.”

Mechanisms to penetrate the ‘main arena’:
“It doesn’t take exceptional powers of understanding to know that running for office is one of the ways to penetrate the so-called main arena of politics in the college (the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Student Council.) One can also form an organization and have activities and events so long as the organization has the resources to do so. One need not be a member of the CSSPSC just to participate in politics. It’s just a matter of knowing what one can do given one’s current standing.”

On the reason of an incomplete slate:
“Some of our candidates decided to back out. We do not force people to run just because we want them to or because they are winnable. It’s just like love – you can only do so much because it’s a social activity. While you can influence the decisions of other people, in the end, it is still their decision to make.”