(Maybe) Not a Smear Campaign

Facts can speak for themselves, but can you put two and two together?

10 Dec 2009 Finalization of SINAG Charter’s 3rd draft.

11 Dec 2009 SINAG Charter revisions were discussed during GA.

15 Dec 2009 SINAG staff approved the 3rd draft.

5 Jan 2009 Prof. Cherrie Billedo, Office of Student Affairs Coordinator, discussed the Charter change with the SINAG Higher Editorial Board.

21 Jan 2010 Minor revisions were made in the Charter in light of the Jay Bagcal issue.

23 Feb 2010 Text messages were sent informing CSSP students of the Charter consultation.

24 Feb 2010 Letters containing SINAG’s apology to election interview errors and invitation to the Charter consultation were given to organizations registered in OSA’s database. The old SINAG Charter and 3rd draft were posted in the SINAG website.

25 Feb 2010 2010 SINAG-CSSP Charter consultation.

Attendees were representatives from UP APSM, Buklod, CSSPSC, GSUP, Kapitas, KAPPP, Kas, KMS, Likas, Philosoc, Politica, Polsci, Psychsoc, Pugadsayk, Saligan sa CSSP, Salin, Sikat, Solidaridad.

Comments raised and discussed were: danger of miscoordination due to complexity of bodies existing within SINAG-CSSP, possible repetition of positions within the publication, lack of referendum in the ratification process and charter length.

26 Feb 2010 Start of Charter commentary period. The schedule for commentary deadline and Charter redrafting was disseminated through text brigades and online notices.

27 Feb 2010 Joseph Lumanog, 05-06 SINAG Editor-in-Chief, sent an email to Marie Julienne Ente, incumbent SINAG EIC, regarding his objections to the one-year residency rule and amendment procedures.

1 Mar 2010 Lumanog sent copies of his letter to organizations such as KAPPP, Polsoc and Magkaisa! CSSP.

3 Mar 2010 Magkaisa! CSSP released “A Call for Clarity – On the 2010 Draft SINAG Charter” which criticized the residency rule, procedural provisions and amendment mechanism in the Charter draft, calling it “undemocratic” and “dangerous.”

6:00pm – SINAG-CSSP HEB discussed Magkaisa! CSSP’s statement with Reinna Bermudez and Michael Manangu. The HEB reiterated explanations given during consultation regarding provisions in the Charter draft and acknowledged the mistake of not including the referendum.

Bermudez apologized and informed the HEB that even though she received text messages regarding consultation, no Magkaisa! CSSP member was able to attend the event. It was agreed that Magkaisa! CSSP would submit a counterproposal and issue an apology regarding the matter.

4 Mar 2010 End of commentary period. SINAG-CSSP did not receive any counterproposals or official letters.

6:00pm SINAG GA evaluated comments raised during consultation and commentary period. The SINAG Charter was redrafted. A referendum provision was added and SINAG was defined as a student institution. The one-year residency rule was retained. The GA minutes, justification, SINAG old Charter, 3rd draft and final draft were to be made available to the public the following day.

5 Mar 2010 In Facebook, copies of Articles XII and XVII labeled “FAIL” and “EPIC FAIL” were posted in Magkaisa! CSSP member Jadd Dealino’s account. The caption stated, "Vote 'Yes' to the proposed amendments to the SINAG Charter this year --and it will be your last."

1:00pm The Mar 4 GA minutes and justification on retained provisions were posted in bulletin boards of Palma Hall and Palma Hall Annex. Fliers and letters to organizations including Magkaisa! CSSP were issued. The SINAG Charter 4th draft was posted online.