Next council should not be like ours - Bagcal

“I expect that the next council won’t be like our council but I expect them to be better than us," said Jay Bagcal, outgoing CSSP Student Council (CSSPSC) Chairperson, said after the CSSPSC induction on Mar. 10 at the AS lobby.

Referring to his impeachment case and the suspension of 11 other council members for signing amendment proposals for the Codified Rules for Student Regent Selection submitted by Bagcal in his personal capacity, Bagcal said he hoped the next council would be more responsive to the students.

When asked how the incoming CSSPSC would ensure that similar incidents won’t happen again, Ranulfo “Oyie” Javelosa III, newly inducted CSSPSC Chairperson said that they would push for more consultations and campaigns for active student participation. Among the council’s major projects this summer are “Tara, Bumoto Tayo,” which aims to provide students what they need to know about the presidential candidates for the May elections, and the selection of at least one representative from the council to participate in the Student Regent selection process this April.

“The council is ready for any challenges,” Javelosa said. Michael Wilson Rosero, newly-inducted Linguistics Department Representative, and one of the four council members affiliated with Saligan, expressed willingness to coordinate with the council as long as the students' interests and the principles that Saligan stands for are not compromised.

Dr. Zosimo E. Lee, dean of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, presided over the ceremony.

Article by: April Sun