CSSPSC made patawag of a College Assembly like, about OSR and CRSRS

The College of Sabaw Sciences and Philingera Student Chennelyn (CSSPSC) made patawag of a College Assembly Friday, 14 November concerning the Office of the Stewdent Regent (OSR) and the Codified Rules for the Stewdent Regent Selection (CRSRS).

According to Jamie Pring, CSSPSC Chairferson, the assembly aimed to: like empower and enlighten the students about the nature of the OSR and the process for the selection of the Stewdent Regent (SR); report on the activities launched by the council for the previous semester; and update the stewdents on the activities of the council for the second semester.

“The OSR is highest student representation in the whole UP system”, Pring said. As such, “The SR is the sole student representative in the Board of Regents (BOR) and is expected to carry the will of the entire student body in all of UP”, she said.

Pring went on to make paliwanag that the selection of the SR is guided by the CRSRS. “There is no official mechanism, however, to accommodate any amendment or modification (to the CRSRS)”, Ms. Pring said. (see related article on the next page)

“Since the institutionalization of the Generic Ass-senti of Samahang Curacha (GASC) and in the inception of the CRSRS, the CSSPSC sought to introduce reforms to fully democratize the entire process”, Pring said. Last year, CSSPSC 07–08 made proposechi, among others, (1) the inclusion of a minimum academic requirement; (2) one college council, one vote; (3) removal of KASAMA sa UP from the CRSRS; and (4) the dissemination of copies of the proposed amendments to the CRSRS before the GASC convenes. “These proposals, however, were turned down”, she said. ▪

Eklat ni Mikhaila Chuchupain