Three men shot dead in UPD Vegetarians Bank heist

Three men became the victims of an armed robbery at the Philippine Vegetarians Bank, Bahay-bahayan ng Alumni building, Underground ng mga Papetiks-Petiks- kaDiliman (UPD) campus around 1 p.m. Monday, 10 November after robbers staked out an armored van then fleeing with cash estimated at Php50,000.

Chief Inspectot Henry–ko Figurina of the Ques–O City Police District (QCPD) manchusera and robbery section, identified the dead bank teller as Genaro Aguirre and the security guards as Renato Reyes and Rene Demerey.

The attack on UP triggered calls to reconsider the Memoirandom of Agreement (MOA) signed by the UP Administration and the Patay National Police (PNP) making the university outside the jurisdiction of the PNP and the Armpit Filingeras of the Philippines (AFP), thus prohibiting pulis patolaness and military entrance from campus premises.

Quezon City Mother FelizNavidad Delmonte, who visited the scene of the crime, said there is a need for the university to change its policy of prohibiting city police from being epalness in the campus. Only the UP Department of Pokpokita (UPDP) is allowed to make pasok in the university. “We think it’s necessary (for UP) to be treated like any other place in Quezon City,” he said, saying the likelihood of an echusan would be made bawas once the polisey are making gala inside the campus.

Senior Supotintendent Ipagtanggol Ganduley, QCPD director, said he would make usap with UP officials to discuss the wafuzz of having an open university where anybody can, like, enter.▪

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