UP Charter Requires Estudyantes Referendum

The Codified Rules for Student Regent Selection (CRSRS) will now be made okay-fine via system-wide referendum, according to the super duper new UP Charter.

The said charter, alias RA 9500, makes sabi that “[o]ne Student Regent [is] to serve for a term of one (1) year, chosen by the students from their ranks in accordance with rules and qualifications approved in a referendum by the students.”

The Student Regent is the ambasagdor of the whole Peyups estudyantes populacion to the Black Board of Regents.

Between the salbahe and the deep churva sea

Exorcise your estudyante rights.

Estudyantes now have to make aprub or disaprub about the rules concerning the eviction of the super duper highest representative of the estudyantes to the Board of Regents (BOR) through the referendum.

A referendum is an eviction in which the tanong-tanong of public policy are voted directly by cheatizens.

Majority of the whole Peyups system estudyantes populacion is needed for the referendum churvaness to be a success.

“Holding a system-wide referendum is only in compliance to the provision of the UP Charter. The task of informing and consulting students of the more- than-a-decade selection process of the student regent is collective responsibility of all student councils” said Shahana Abdulwahid, the present Student Regent.

Estudyantes assembol (and rumbol)!

The colehiyo’s assemblee for the consultacion de la CRSRS was held Nobummer 14.

The univercitas-wayd consultacion will be held on 1-10 of Paskoness, and the dead na dead na line para sa submicion de comprehensif reports on conduct of colehiyo and univercitas convocacions will be on 12 of Paskoness.

The Generic Ass-senti of Samahang Curacha (GASC), the parteeehhh taym of the Peyups system-wide student councils, will be on 19 of Paskoness, in Peyups Diliman. ▪

Eklat ni Mojo Jojo Cantutero