Editorial: Face the Challenge

“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result,” the great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi once said.

The same was the cry of Sinag during its CRSRS campaign and coverage.

The CRSRS Referendum stands, garnering 26,118 votes out of 47,365 across the UP System. Diliman cast 12,097 votes out of the 22,348 total.

Looking closer at CSSP’s voters’ turnout of 1,085 out of 2,240 or 48.44%, does this mean that the Social Scientists and Philosophers whom we deem to be more engrossed in the social issues are apathetic and individualistic? CSSP is among the colleges which did not reach the majority along with the large colleges such as Engineering and Education.

The week of January onwards are said to be the busiest times due to midterms and deadlines according to a Psychology professor. She added that the confusion on the highly politicized referendum may have influenced the student’s decision not to vote.

A five-minute voting time is not much adding to that a 10-minute browsing period in search for reliable answers of which to vote. Being busy is never a valid excuse for someone not to get involve. Neither being individualistic a reason to be indifferent on an issue which is supposed to be everyone’s concern.

America, despite its reputation as an allegedly individualistic society, still managed to get its people involved. Yes they can, we can, too.

In one way or another, a macro matter has its way to affect in the micro level thus one need to engross. The EDSA revolution is by no doubt an evidence of what a collective effort can bring. It is through will power to be aware and to engage that one can discern veritable change.

[blurb]Facing the challenge is not deadly, what is more fearful is to just sit down between two chairs then fall.[blurb]

The next challenge of change continues on the upcoming University and College Student Council Elections. Philippine Daily Inquirer founder Eugenia Durán-Apostol tells us, “It is not only leaders that should change, Filipinos should also change.”

It is not just the leadership that should be changed but the attitude of being apathetic in every election or voting period. UP students are scholars of the people.

What is practiced in the university will reflect when one goes out on the real world.

Everything starts here.

Face the challenge.

Vote. ▪