I have a dream, you know. That I am good. At everything, I mean. Even my superhero. You know, because in the Philippines, I am superhero. My superhero does everything, except become invisible; but everything, you know. I am good because I can do everything. Well, everything, except I don’t do everything. Like I tell Jimmy Gimmibells, I have few people who take care of me, just a few. They are 30 people who clean my room, who get my coffee, who cook me, and you know. But I have a dream. Yeah. I can do everything.

I love my country, you know. I mean, my country is like, my globs. I have good globs and I win with my globs. My globs give me support and because I have money, I buy good globs, you know. My globs make me brave and when I fight, they are with me. Like my people, I mean. You know. Filipinos support me when I have a fight. They arecheering and shouting my name. They love me because I win fights for them. They know I am good. Like my dream, you know.

My countryman love me and I love my countryman. You know, we are a democracy and my people support me because in our country of democracy, we are support. They say we can do everything, and we have our life, you know. We have control of our life like in the government. That is why I am with people from our government. They have very support. They tell me I am good. So I am good, I can do everything. I am good and I have money. I mean, I love my country so I should help my country. I see people in the government have power so I want that also. I can use the power to change country, like what Efren say. You know, Efren. He was on CNN, I watched him. He said we have the change inside us. So, you know, I think he is right. We have the change inside of me.

But sometimes I am told that I am funny. They laugh because I have dreams. They say that I should not do this and do that and do. They say I should just do what I am good at. But, they don’t know, you know. I am good at everything. I can act. You watch me everywhere and I am good because they get me. I can sing. You hear me sing in our country and also in your country. I sing even when my face is pain after fight. I also have a recording, in my country, and your country, you know.

That is why I have question: if we are free and my people love that I give our country glory, why should I not run for officer? We are democracy, you know. You will see, I can do everything. You know what? I know what, you know. I know. ▪